If There Will Be No Game No Life Season 2?

No Game No Life is among the most popular enjoyable isekai anime with good artwork and cartoon, so why’s there no sequel up to now, and will we get No Game No Life Season 2?

With no next season, we’ll never see Sora and Shiro combat another race of Disboard, or find out whether they succeeded in challenging and beating the God of matches Teto.

The only way to find out that with no continuation is to have a look at the light books, but most folks will never do this. Watching anime is simply a great deal more satisfying.

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The dilemma is that No Game No Life Season 2 did not get formally declared yet, and we all do not understand what the odds are that the next year of NGNL will have declared.

How Do We Figure Out When There’ll Be No Game No Life Season 2?

I did analyze over a couple of hundred anime show to find out what was why they obtained a sequel declared or that which was the problem when they did not get you.

The thing I heard is that analyzing the origin material, fame, and revenue is the ideal choice if we would like to work out whether a sequel will occur.

So I did exactly the Exact Same for No Game No Life Season 2 in this informative article. If you would like to know whether there’ll be a continuation of the anime, then you’ll love this article about NGNL Season two.

I will reveal to you the info which I analyzed in 3 fast components and inform you when you ought to expect that No Game No Life season 2 will be declared in 2020.

Let us begin with a comprehensive look in the source material.

Nearly all series nowadays are adapting a present property such as manga, light books, games to improve popularity and earnings.

How many volumes are there, and whether the story remains continuing in 2020 is vital to check. In case the story reasoned, there would not be a fantastic reason to push for one more year like what occurred with Air Gear Season two.

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Following that, we must determine the number of books got utilized for the anime version. Occasionally anime does catch up with all the source material just like in the instance of OPM and One Punch Man Season 3 is going to take a little while.

Just how many amounts of No Game No Life Are there?

There are now ten mild book volumes of No Game No Life published in Japan. No Game No Life also includes two manga series depending on the light books series.

The very first manga series has two novels published, but it is only retelling the first narrative in manga format. Another manga is a spin-off collection.

Isn’t a Game No Life still continuing?

The No Game No Life mild books continue to be continuing.

The writer wrote only 1 book in 2016 and 2018. I wonder if there’ll be an additional volume published in 2020.

Which mild books does the arcade No Game No Life pay?

No Game No Life Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And More ...
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The film No Game No Life Zero did accommodate the entire book 6. That means light book volume 4 proceeds after arcade.

That ought to be sufficient for one more season, thinking about the very first season used just 3.

If the gain is inadequate from year one or there was no one in the first area, there would not be a cause for the manufacturing committee to be keen to consent to fund a sequel. Wise Man’s Grandchild Season two is a sequel that will have difficulty becoming green-lit due to gain.

A 1 cour anime television show, unlike any Game No Life can price around 3,000,000 bucks to create.

So from the revenue segment, crucial information is your gain for both the television series and the film. If the movie did poorly at the box office, then that could impact the chance of continuing the most important series like what occurred with Goblin Slayer Season two.

The anime got published on six discs in Japan, and every sold, normally, approximately 9,000 copies.

Most anime shows that the market near 10,000 has a superb opportunity to acquire a continuation. Well, unless you’re Accel World since we never obtained Accel World year two in spite of higher BD sales.

Volume 9 of No Game No Life premiered on August 25, 2016, also marketed roughly 160,000 copies. The hottest light book volume 10 that premiered in 2018 sold about 170,000 copies.

The mild books are not a major moneymaker for No Game No Life, however, they continue to be outstanding. This franchise is currently in the top 5 best sellers according to volume earnings together with series such as Overlord, and everybody anticipates that Overlord Season 4 will take place.

Additionally, there are 500 products for No Game No Life like such as tops, towels, mugs, tapestry, and much more.

No Game No Life Season 2
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The product is performing well so far, which is great for enhancing the odds that the No Game no Life Season 2 will acquire green-lit.

The film got a great deal of love as well with merch and characters. That does not normally happen with anime films.

I am frankly surprised how many characters are still being made with this particular show, even in 2020. It has been three decades since the film aired in 2017, but only this season, there have been six new characters declared.

The box office for No Game No Life Zero film is ¥700,000,000, therefore around 6,5 million bucks. The movie also offered about 40,000 Blu-Ray duplicates in Japan.

It would not surprise me if the No Game No Life Zero film did better than Kadokawa expected. The film could cost approximately 1,500,000 bucks to create and also made back at 2,500,000 in gain.

Konosuba Season 3 opportunities did increase a good deal using a thriving film, hence the exact same is said: No Game No Life Season 2.

The above is only the principal method an arcade adaptation may create profit. Nonetheless, there are far more ways of anime earning money, but these are generally only a little bit of the proceeds.

And I really don’t find No Game No Life Season 2 losing cash unless the celebrity fell for its franchise.

There’s not any use in creating another period of anime that can not get popular or does not have sufficient major fan-base. If you would like an example, read about why Tokyo Ravens Season two won’t ever secure green-lit.

Some anime could find a sequel green-lit in spite of a small but committed fan-base that’s enthusiastic about encouraging the anime, but that is uncommon.

No Game No Life Season 2
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It has been six years since the very first No Game No Life year aired, therefore is that the franchise popular and active? We’ll consider the official site, social networking, Google Trends, copies in print, and brand new product.

The official site for No Game No Life was updated in 2018 with information about Guidebook.

No Game No Life popularity appeared in 2014, and following that, it just keeps falling. The film did bulge the Google searches, but to just 30 percent of what it had been in the summit.

The preset searches are about 10 percent of what it had been in 2014.

Light Publications

The newest No Game No Life Volume 10 got released annually in January.

The launch rate is awful, with two new volumes in the previous four decades. I expect 2020 will seem better for your mild books.


In WonFes in 2020, a couple of brand new scales figures were declared for Shiro, Jibril, and Schwi, so that is good. Product is slowing, but couple things were published lately enjoy a brand new No Game No Life Zero Rubber Mat.


The show remains popular, and also the film helped enhance it. However, if there’s something that concerns me, it is the light books and their published speed.

It is quite safe to say no Game No Life is a favorite show that made a great deal of cash for the manufacturing committee, as demonstrated above.

No Game No Life Season 2
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There was not declared for No Game No Life season 2 after the first period due to the light books rather than gain or fame.

The choice to produce the film needs to have happened in ancient 2015. And that is because at the time there was not material to keep the anime.

Just six volumes were published, and the previous one was a prequel story.

The writer has some health issues. That is why the launch rate is so slow to the mild books. Something similar occurred to Noragami period 3 since the writer of the series got health problems too.

It turned out to be a wise idea to create a prequel film. It kept the franchise alive and created a wonderful profit.

It would not surprise me No Game No Life Season 2 obtained a statement following season or 2022 and atmosphere year after.

There’s source material today for ongoing the anime if this was the issue. Should you ask why it takes so long to get a sequel, it is since anime studios are occupied nowadays, such as studio Madhouse.

Even in the event, the manufacturing committee did green-light a sequel in 2018-2019 following the film’s victory, it’d take a couple of years to declare No Game No Life Season 2.

NGNL produces a toon of gain for the manufacturing committee, along with the prevalence remains there. That means that the only way the show will not get another season will be due to the source material.

Kadokawa likely does not wish to shell out money to get a series that does not have a thing to market. I really don’t understand what health issues the writer is suffering from, but I expect There’ll be volume 11 printed in 2020

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