Top 3 Indian ethical hackers 2020

Here, there are the top 3 Indian ethical hackers 2020 list which based on the research of mine of their hacking works. As we all know that in today’s world everyone knows about hacking and wants to be a hacker but it’s not like to become a doctor or engineer. If you have an interest then you have surely read this post, this helps you a lot.

Here is the list of top 3 Indian Ethical hackers 2020:—–


  1. Vivek Ramachandran
Top 3 Indian ethical hacker 2020
Top 3 Indian ethical hacker 2020

Vivek Ramachandran is the Founder and Chief Trainer at Pentester Academy. He also started his website for online hacking courses. He found the Caffe latte attack, broke WEP protection schema, Wifi backdoor, and the first wifi firewall.

He started their own institute in which he trained students for hacking in many fields with the certification of an ethical hacker. If you are interested in hacking you should check their website in which information about their courses are available visit his website by clicking here


2. Ankit Fadia

Top 3 Indian ethical hackers
Top 3 Indian ethical hackers

As I researched about him more than anyone and I founded that he is not active on any social sites now but I don’t know why?


Ankit Fadia is a multi-talented as he is an author, speaker, and also a hacker. As they have written 25+ book which helps u a lot. His works involve OS, networking tips and tricks, Proxy websites, and many more. He also trained students for hacking with a certificate of ethical hacking course. For checking his course information visit his website by clicking here.

He has been on a television show on MTV channel in which they share tips and tricks about phones and computers.

  • List of his books
  1. The unofficial guide to ethical hacking.
  2. An ethical guide to official hacking
  3. Casino job and more

    3. Sunny Vaghela

Top 3 indian ehtical hackers

On number 3 here is a CEO of tech defense labs, Sunny Vaghela which said: ” The best way to secure yourself is to hack it yourself “.

Sunny Vaghela is an Ethical Hacker & Indian Entrepreneur. He is Founder & CEO at Techdefence Labs. The young and dynamic personality of Sunny Vaghela has not only assisted in solving complex cybersecurity problems but also played an instrumental role in creating awareness for the same.

Sunny has been leading the training team at Techdefence  He has trained many students from various courses available on their website He also got many achievements in the hacking field with a lot of prizes. I think they are the future of technology. He has also assisted Techdefence Labs team to execute Financial Institutes, E-Commerce, Media  and for more information visit his website by clicking here

As many called him the future Ankit Fadia as they help in any investigations.




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